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A staple product!

I am hooked on using only this cleanser! No other soap can compare. Great lather, no strong scent, amazing and safe ingredients. It is a total win! The oil is a nice self care item as well.

Gift Cards are the best!

Simple and easy gift idea, so anyone can shop for exactly what they want!

V Cleanse Bundle
Phyllis Nancoo

V Cleanse Bundle

Less pain and less flow

I get ovarian pain during ovulation and I also get uterine spasms during my periods that cause cramps and super heavy flow the first 4 days. Sometimes my pad used to overflow. After taking this, ovulation pain is mild. My period flow is still healthy and not so heavy.

Less mood swings

I feel very emotional and edgy around the period start time. While taking this, I was less edgy, felt less mood swings. Felt more energetic.

Loved it

I received this as a gift from Girlish. I loved the mild but aromatic and refreshing taste of this tea. After using it I feel my period cramps are milder, and I feel less bloated.

Period relief

Raspberry Pops is a supplement in capsule form that helps to provide comfort during your period. It can help to reduce menstrual cramps, lighten heavy bleeding and more. It is formulated with raspberry leaves which is a great source of Vitamin C. I really love all the benefits provided here and it really does help me get thru my period so much better!

Amazing scrub!

The Strawberry Yoni Sugar Scrub is something everyone needs to be talking about! This fragrant scrub is formulated to exfoliate, moisturize and revigorate your skin. It smells absolutely amazing and is gentle, yet effective on my skin. It can help to prevent ingrown hairs, which is one of my biggest challenges after shaving.

Great comfort for skin after shaving

Blueberry Breeze is a plant-based vajacial whip designed to treat your skin after shaving or waxing. You let it sit on your skin for just 5-8 minutes and then wipe off. This product helps to lighten, tighten and moisturize your skin. My skin has been happy since using this after shaving. Before, I would just shave and go about my day, but this really does help provide so much comfort and makes me feel great!

Almond V Scrub
Ursula Kneller

Love this product! And it smells amazing

V Cleanse Bundle
Destiny Maldonado

Love the packaging, fun colors 💖

Amazing Product!

My girls are enjoying the vmilk! They love the “rejuvenation” they feel after using the wash! We will be ordering again soon!

Made by women, for women

I really appreciate the quality of ingredients and no added fillers! I also love the wash. It is so gentle and has a great feel to it

The best yoni wash

I love this wash because it feels sooo amazing when using it and it has ingredients I can trust - only the best for my yoni! My yoni is very sensitive and this wash made me feel so clean and fresh, without taking away natural moisture, natural scent, and irritating it. It actually helped me tremendously during menstruation and supported me healing my vaginal tissue. I never got that before from other natural brands that use things like apple cidar vinegar, which is a no for me. I’m a forever Girlish customer!

VMilk Menstrual Wash 16oz
Cheyenne Callwood
Favorite Product

This is by far my favorite product. It leaves me feeling fresh after a shower and I'm not self-conscious throughout the day because it keeps me balanced.

Amazing product

VMilk Menstrual Wash 16oz
Best product

Can’t go a day without using it!

So Fresh and Clean

Love this wash and how fresh I feel after each bath.

V Milk freshens

Love the freshness and moisture that vmilk provides, especially during that time of the month. It provides that clean comforting freshness for my girl parts...


The v milk is my absolute favorite. Makes my lady parts feel so fresh and clean, it’s amazing!

One of a kind

One of the best feminine washes I’ve used. Love that it’s plant based and leaves me feeling extra clean!


I have tried so many teas to help with cramps, this one is by far the best!

Period Pops

These have helped so much with PMS and nausea! Absolute life saver!


Best feminine wash I've ever used!

Pineapple V Scrub
robert wright
A Must have

Puttinh it on after shaving leaves u feeling rejuvenated and smelling great. It leaves ur skin feeling like it has a extra protective layer on ur skin.