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The Girlish mission is to become an oasis of support to those experiencing menstruation. We strive to promote natural feminine wellness, inclusivity within the menstrual community, and remain period positive!

Period Positive

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The Girlish team has dedicated 8% of all of our sales, product, and our time where period poverty impacts the greatest.

But now, we have decided to donate a portion of our sales and join the frontline! We have begun an initiative called Girlish Social Mission.

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join us in ending period poverty through community, education, and giving-back.


Knowledge sharing between organizations, within communities, should include menstruators in the conversation and provide education without shame or stigma.


We want to partner with you! Menstruators need the backing of their local governments to provide passable infrastructure as well as access to affordable menstrual products.

Giving Back

We are dedicated to educating menstruators, and providing necessary products, and support to people and their communities.

join the #PeriodPositive movement - let's help end period poverty

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Meet our founder, Chade' Lopez. When you support girlish, you are not only receiving the highest level of menstrual care products found on the market, you are also ensuring the diversification of the entrepreneurial successes in America. Our company is owned and managed by a woman of color who is a proven leader in business, and named "Rising Star" by Voyage Miami magazine.