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Menstrual health is a priority not a luxury, even though our products are luxurious! Our earth-sourced products are specifically designed to rejuvenate your womanly wellness routine by encouraging one to live well. Our collections include products that stimulate uterine health and vaginal beauty.

    What is an ovary’s favorite type of TV show?

    Period dramas.


    Does your period cause vaginal acne?

    Bad news, hormonal changes during specific phases of your menstrual cycle can cause acne in the vaginal area. Good news, the Girlish team has formulated our very own vegan feminine beauty line made up of sugar and salt-based V-scrubs (yoni scrubs), vegan V-Whips (otherwise known as a vaginal cream-masks that lightens scars and tightens pores).


    Both solutions are purely earth-sourced, mild for sensitive vaginas, contains no sulfates or parabens! Together, let’s eliminate dry skin, period acne, dark spots and ingrowns! Our formulas contains a unique mix of oils, extracts, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

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    Pineapple V Scrub - Girlish
    Pineapple V Scrub
    Acai Berry V Scrub - Girlish
    Acai Berry V Scrub
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    Strawberry V Scrub - Girlish
    Strawberry V Scrub
    Raspberry Cane Vajacial Whip - Girlish
    Raspberry Cane Vajacial Whip
    Mango Mixer Vajacial Whip - Girlish
    Mango Mixer Vajacial Whip
    Coconut Colada Vajacial Whip - Girlish
    Coconut Colada Vajacial Whip
    Chocolate V Scrub - Girlish
    Chocolate V Scrub
    Almond V Scrub - Girlish
    Almond V Scrub
    Blueberry Breeze Vajacial Whip - Girlish
    Blueberry Breeze Vajacial Whip
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