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Menstrual health is a priority not a luxury, even though our products are luxurious! Our earth-sourced products are specifically designed to rejuvenate your womanly wellness routine by encouraging one to live well. Our collections include products that stimulate uterine health and vaginal beauty.


    This whole period thing is really cramping my style. Lol, get it?


    The menses of menstruation got you going a lil’ crazy?

    Reading does keep our minds healthy, and young, but besides that, reading Girlish’s period positive books can help develop one’s understanding around the intricacies of menstruation. It’s time for us to enhance our knowledge about periods, improve our relatability, and reduce the stresses and the shame that surrounds the topic of periods and like subject matters.


    Who Is the Girlish Period Positive books for?

    + those experiencing the menses of menstruation

    + those who will experience menstruation

    + parents, caregivers, educators, mentors, and influencers who are likely to engage in the topic of periods

    + female transitioning to male who are having a difficult time expressing their emotions with periods

    + any curious mind


    Our Period Positive Book promotes...

    + menstruation inclusivity

    + period positivity

    + period natural remedies

    + period journals

    + period hygiene

    + methods of contraception

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    Period Survival Kit
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    Period Survival Bundle