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V Steam Herbs - Girlish
V Steam Herbs

V Steam Herbs

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 Do you enjoy V Steams in the comfort of your own home? Well, we do! We’ve got just the right thing for you to do it, the main ingredients:  Girlish V Steam (yoni steam) Herbs!


The Girlish V Steam (yoni steam) herbs are used to detox your intimate area and stimulate positive uterine health. A V Steam can also help reduce stress and purify care for sensitive areas, help decrease vaginal dryness, and also alleviate unwanted symptoms associated with periods and  menstrual cycles like bloating and cramps.

This product is best paired with our V Steam Bidet and Yoni Steam Gown

The Benefits of using V Steam herbs otherwise known as Yoni Steam herbsUsed by women for centuries as a form of hydrotherapy to support the following

  • Promote Feminine wellness and confidence
  • Promotes healthy pH balance
  • Womb cleansing
  • Increases blood flow which heightens pleasure
  • Assists with chronic sensitivity
  • Assists with dryness

Yoni steaming otherwise called a V Steam is an old-age natural remedy that is known to cleanse or detox the womb by ways of hydrotherapy. To accomplish a yoni steam, one would squat over a bowl of herbal-infused steam.


Yoni steaming can assist with the following: menstrual irregularity, menstrual discomfort, vaginal dryness, chronic sensitivity, chronic infections, rinse womb of toxins, postnatal healing and much more!

Recommended product use:

Start by washing your hands and then open the pouch containing herb packets. Boil two cups of water. Place hot water into steam bidet. Insert one of the steam packets into the hot water. Gently sit over steam for 30 minutes.

Repeat after 3 days. Rest for 7 days. Please do not flush herbs!



Pregnant or if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

During the heaviest part of your menstrual cycle.

Experiencing a fever.

Experiencing extremely heavy flowing menses.

Have any open cuts, wounds, stitches and or sores.

With genital piercings. ALL Piercings must be removed prior to steams as they may heat and possibly cause burning.


Motherwort, Rose, Alfalfa, Safflower, Mugwort leaves, Chickweed, Yarrow, Raspberry leaf, Rosemary, Calendula

100% organic and hand sifted

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