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Menstrual health is a priority not a luxury, even though our products are luxurious! Our earth-sourced products are specifically designed to rejuvenate your womanly wellness routine by encouraging one to live well. Our collections include products that stimulate uterine health and vaginal beauty.

    Jokes about menstruation are not funny. Period.


    The girlish team embraces the power of herbs used in many feminine herbal therapies and remedies.

    Herbs and natural ingredients are our main source of inspiration for our menstrual soap, v-steam kits, menstrual teas, feminine oils, and holistic bundles. A V-Steam is an old-age natural remedy that is known to cleanse or detox the womb by ways of hydrotherapy. To accomplish a yoni steam, one would squat over a bowl of herbal-infused steam.

    V Steaming (Yoni steaming) can assist with the following: menstrual irregularity, menstrual discomfort, vaginal dryness, chronic sensitivity, chronic infections, rinse womb of toxins, postnatal healing and much more!

    There will always be those who doubt remedies that are not proven by modern science. However, V Steaming (Yoni Steaming) is a tradition that has stood the test of time. For generations, women have shared their success stories and in the past several years.

    V Steaming (Yoni Steaming) can be done even when you don’t have any symptoms or issues as it can nourish, strengthen, and tone and tighten the uterus. Steaming enhances vaginal and uterine health and promotes emotional wellbeing as it is relaxing and meditative and part of a self-care routine.

    Self-care is the practice of restoration.

    "It's your responsibility to show the world how to treat you by the way in which you treat yourself." -Lisa Nichols

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