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Menstrual health is a priority not a luxury, even though our products are luxurious! Our earth-sourced products are specifically designed to rejuvenate your womanly wellness routine by encouraging one to live well. Our collections include products that stimulate uterine health and vaginal beauty.

    *When I’m on my period*

    Person: Hey.

    Me: Can you shut up.


    Tea for periods, menstruation tea… raspberry leaf, ginger root, chamomile, cinnamon, and peppermint tea are the best teas for menstrual cramps and associated symptoms due to the menses of menstruation.

    Tea is the #1 remedy for treating menstrual cramps and period pain that time of the month.

    Research supports that the named teas are all safe to consume, especially if you experience an active period. Tea is an absolute progressive alternative to over-the-counter medications that is used to mask the symptoms of menstruation.

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    Raspberry Leaf Womb Tea - Girlish
    Raspberry Leaf Womb Tea
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    Peppermint V Tea - Girlish
    Peppermint V Tea
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    Cinnamon V Tea - Girlish
    Cinnamon V Tea
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    Ginger Menstrual Tea - Girlish
    Ginger Menstrual Tea
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    Chamomile Endo Tea - Girlish
    Chamomile Endo Tea