What is Your Embarrassing Period Story?

A Bloody Vacation: Spooky Period Diaries

Nothing gets worse than the unexpected period invite while you’re on vacation! My husband and I were on our beautiful birthday/anniversary trip and after a fun day on ATVs and being at the beach in my new white swimsuit, we got back to our room with a special surprise.


Unfortunately, the surprise was my not so fun friend Flo. When getting ready to shower, I saw the stain on my swimsuit! The very white one that I was wearing all day! It dawned on me that I didn't pack any products for my period and most of my outfits for the trip were white. After getting over the embarrassment of wondering if anyone saw the stain through my swimsuit during the day, my wonderful husband called the front desk to see if anyone on the resort had products I could use. 

What could have been an easy solution turned into a thirty-minute journey of my husband driving around with one of the front desk staff to pick up items from a local convenience store by the resort! Let’s just say by the end of the day, my husband was hangry and I was upset with my friend Flo. Note to self, never underestimate your period. Plus if you’re not prepared, it could be a bloody vacation! 

Travel Tips: Period Edition!

Create an emergency period kit and have it on hand everywhere you go! One for the car, your purse, gym bag, suitcase, carry-on….you name it!

Emergency period kit essentials:


Always pack an emergency period kit when traveling because your period can attack at any moment. Also, they told us not to wear white after Labor Day for a reason! Well that might not be it, but you get the point! 

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