Period Hacks: Foods to Avoid

When that time of the month comes, it can cause some serious discomfort. Some symptoms include bloating, cramps, PMS, and more. Just like many things, foods can negatively trigger your period. Of course, there are specific foods that everyone wants, but they may not be worth it. You want to ensure that you are healthy and eating the best nutrition. And many foods that we tend to crave harm us. 

Girlish wants to help you know which foods to avoid and which to eat. Today we are going to take you through specific foods that you should be a no-no!

Foods to Avoid

  • Sugar/Candy: This can worsen your cramps and cause bloating.
  • Processed foods: Holds high sodium which causes water retention and causes discomfort.
  • Dairy preservation: Can trigger your cramps.
  • White bread: Can worsen your mood.
  • Alcohol: Can cause bloating and PMS!
  • Greasy fried foods: Can cause mood swings and your estrogen levels can increase.

We hope that this information helps you! The more you know what to avoid during your period, the better you will feel!

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