Myth Vs. Facts About Periods

Ever go into a complete spiral trying to find the answers to everyday life? How about your period? This leads to another question and another question and another question…we’re here to put a stop to some of those thoughts, specifically when it comes to period myths!

Myth numero 1: Don’t workout on your period 

Not true! This is the complete opposite. Exercise can relieve pain when you’re on your period. Going for walks, jogging, stretching, pilates, and more can help with cramps. 

Myth numero 2: A tampon can take away your virginity

FALSE! A tampon is a menstrual product to help with period protection. It is up to each woman to pick which protection they think is best! But make sure you’re not listening to a false myth when choosing the best product. 

Myth numero 3: You won’t get pregnant while being on your period 

It can be difficult to get pregnant while having sex on your period, but that does not mean it can’t happen. Did you know that sperm can live up to 5 days in a woman's uterus? That’s right!

Myth numero 4: You and your friends have synching periods

As freaky as it might be to have the same menstrual cycle as your friends, no proof scientifically proves this to be valid. Call it pure coincidence! And now you can plan your vacations at the perfect time!

There are many myths regarding your periods, but we hope this helped put your mind at ease. Always make sure to go to the correct sources! Your doctors and gynecologist have the right answers. 

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